Welcome to my site

My name is Jodie Teresa, I'm a spiritual medium & astrologer based in the south of England on & off of YouTube.



Born in Devon, England

Devoted mother to 4 men, medium, astrologer, spirituality & relaxation

Living by gratitude

No.1 Acheivement

Becoming a mother

Favorite Drink

White chocolate Mocha, Turkish mint Tea, Clipper Tea

Most Played Album

Mike oldfield - Elements


Private, quiet, eccentric, free spirited, strong mother, peace keeper, humble, changeable, adaptable, positive


Nature, people & spirit


Isis (The Egyptian goddess) Hermes Trismegistus,

Mahatma Gandhi, Sundar Pichai, Princess Diana, Manly P.Hall

Chart Placements

Sun/Gemini Moon/Aries

Rising/Virgo Venus/Cancer

Life No. & Lucky Number


Proud mother of four incredible boys, Joseph, Marley Tyler & Henry!

Direct Irish & Roma descendant of generations of occultists & clairvoyants. With help & guidance from spirit, I love to provide clarity to those seeking spiritual insight. Renowned accuracy, working with tea leaves, Tarot cards, rune stones, scrying & my pendulum.

Providing readings worldwide for almost 3 decades!

Very warm & compassionate, a natural empathic reader, doing what I love to do best. My four adorable children are my entire world & keep me going everyday, bringing light & positivty into my life.

We all experience regular spirit activity in & around our home, full apparitions, spirit mist, lights, t.v's & stereos turning on/off. Personally I've encountered many varied spiritual experiences including possession, polterguist activity full apparitions, spirits visiting in dreams, spirit healing & also experienced Xeonglossy, which was very interesting! This is where you're able to speak languages that you'd not yet learnt to even speak or understand.

Growing up within a spiritual family & part of our occult community I was fully supported & encouraged to trust my abilities & learnt at an early age to develop & am still learning every day. Naturally intuitive & able to connect with spirit to gain unexplainable Knowledge.

Reading worldwide for such a long time, I've had the pleasure of meeting & reading for many different people around the world from varied cultures, careers & backgrounds. Gaining much experience & a renowned reputation of accuracy, compassion, trust & confidentiality.

Please feel free to roam around the site, book a reading or join me on my YouTube channel.


Love, light & blessings,