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Intuitive spiritual medium & astrologer

based in the south of England

on & off of YouTube!


Delighted to express my 100% positive response from all clients to date!!!

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Jodie Teresa Hughes-Lee Keenan


Born in Devon, United Kingdom

Devoted mother to four men, medium, astrologer, spiritual counselor & relaxation therapist.

"Living by gratitude, working with light, respecting the dark"

Proud mother to my four incredible boys, Joseph, Marley Tyler & baby Henry!

Direct Irish & Roma descendant to generations of occultists & clairvoyants. I'm proud of my heritage & feel blessed to have received so much understanding & support from both my family & community growing up.

With help & guidance from spirit, I love to provide clarity to those seeking spiritual insight. Renowned accuracy, working with tea leaves, Tarot cards, rune stones, scrying & my pendulum.

Providing readings worldwide for almost 3 decades!

Very warm & compassionate, a natural empathic reader, doing what I love to do best. My four adorable children are my entire world & keep me going everyday, bringing

light & positivity into my life.

Personally I do not follow an individual religion but do have great respect for all people, all religions & cultures. Identifying more as a spiritual being with a firm belief in spirit, guides, Angels & lightworkers from all around the world.

My spiritual ability is forever growing & am greatful for these gifts, being able to recieve spiritual insight through mind, sight, vision, dream state & intutuion. 

We all experience regular spirit activity in & around our home, full apparitions, spirit mist, lights, electronics turning on/off at random, but lucky for us all no negative activity to date.

Personally I've encountered many varied spiritual experiences including possession, poltergeist activity, full apparitions, spirits visiting in dreams, astral projection, spirit healing & also experienced Xeonglossy, which was very interesting!!.. This is where you're able to speak languages that you'd not yet learnt to speak or even understand.

Growing up within a spiritual family & part of our occult community I was fully supported & encouraged to trust my abilities & learnt at an early age to develop & am still learning every day. Naturally intuitive & able to connect with spirit to gain unexplainable Knowledge.

Reading worldwide for such a long time I've had the pleasure of meeting & reading for many different people around the world from varied cultures, careers & backgrounds including celebrities, politicians & religious figures too.

Gaining much experience I've now built a renowned reputation of accuracy, compassion, trust & confidentiality. Ever greatful to every being along my spiritual journey & career.

Please feel free to roam around the site, book a reading or join me on my YouTube channel.


Much love, light & many blessings, 

No.1 Acheivement

Becoming a mother

Favorite Drink

White chocolate Mocha, Turkish mint Tea, Clipper Tea

Most Played Album

Mike oldfield - Elements

Favourite Artist

Josephine wall


Private, quiet, eccentric, free spirited, strong mother, peace keeper, humble, changeable, adaptable, positive


Nature, people & spirit


Isis (The Egyptian goddess)

Iris (The Greek goddess)

Hermes Trismegistus

Mahatma Gandhi

Sundar Pichai

Princess Diana

Manly P.Hall

Chart Placements

Sun/Gemini Moon/Aries

Rising/Virgo Venus/Cancer

Life path No. & Lucky Number